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August 15, 2016

Is Red Wine Good For Your Teeth?

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I often get asked the question ‘is red wine good for your teeth?’. Red wine does have a number of health benefits. It aids in lowering cholesterol, and getting plenty of antioxidants into the body. But can red wine really be beneficial to your pearly whites? Believe it or not the answer is yes, sipping on red wine can be good for your teeth.is red wine good for your teeth?

Research suggests red wine slows down the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Cavities, gum disease and tooth loss are caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. By lessening the growth of harmful bacteria, red wine can actually lower your chances of getting cavities and other harmful mouth ailments.

How exactly does red wine kill bacteria? Red wine contains antimicrobial elements that kill hard to penetrate ‘biofilms’. Red wine contains antimicrobial elements that kill hard to penetrate ‘biofilms’. Biofilms are a thin, slimy layer of bacterial that adheres to the surface of teeth. They contain communities of disease-causing bacteria that turn into plaque, and then produce acid, breaking down the enamel in teeth. This breakdown of enamel is associated with both cavities and gum disease.

While that glass of red wine you pour to help promote your heart health may also be helping fight off tooth decay, it can have the effect of making teeth appear red in color. Be smart about your wine consumption and subsequent tooth care. Brushing your teeth after your glass of wine with dinner ensures your pearly whites don’t take on an unwanted red tint, and helps brush away the sugar that is inevitably found in all wine.

Ensuring you are seeing your dentist twice a year for cleaning also helps to prevent any harmful effects from any food or drink you consume. Call our office today to schedule your bi-annual cleaning.

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